July Promos for Everyone!

Back-to-school season will be here before you know it! Start prepping your home in advance with essentials from July’s PV promo. Whether you’re the parent, student, or teacher, these essential oil blends will help you get ready for the busy months ahead. Begin your day with boldness by applying a combination of Valor® and V-6′” Vegetable Oil Complex to your neck. While you prep your morning to-do list, diffuse Envision'” to encourage a can-do attitude. Once the afternoon rolls around, overcome the midday slump with a meditation session boosted by the balancing scent of Egyptian Gold'”. Then create a focused atmosphere and inspire feelings of productivity with the aroma of the perfect study buddy duo-Common Sense'” and KidScents® GeneYus'”.

With ER Orders of 300 PV:

VALOR essential oil blend, 15 ml

  • Embrace new challenges. Combine Valor essential oil blend with V-6′  and rub onto your neck when you need a confidence boost.
  • Make mornings awesome. Jump-start a bus!d da!d with Valor’s calming, uplifting aroma

EGYPTIAN GOLD essential oil blend, 5 ml

  • Take a break. Working on the same task for too long can kill productivity. Recharge with a meditation session boosted by the balancing scent of Egyptian Gold essential oil blend.
  • Refresh both body and brain. A power nap can benefit the whole family. Set a relaxing atmosphere for sleep with a diffuser blend of Egyptian Gold and Lavender.

KIDSCENTS GENEYUS essential oil blend, 5 ml

  • Start study time strong. Apply KidScents GeneYus to your little one’s wrist before they hit the books. You may even want to try this tip yourself for some aromatic inspiration!
  • Make work fast and fun. Diffuse KidScents GeneYus during homework hour or task time to inspire feelings of positivity and productivity.
  • Of course this blend is wonderful for adults too!

COMMON SENSE essential oil blend, 5 ml

  • Deal with distractions. Diffuse Common Sense'” to help create an environment of focus when you need it most.
  • Keep calm with a roll-on. Make your own with an AromaGlide” roller fitment, 2 tablespoons of carrier oil, and 10-15 drops of Common Sense.

ENVISION essential oil blend, 5 ml

  • Prep your game plan. While your write down your to-dos, diffuse Envision'” essential oil blend for an empowering aroma that encourages you to seize the day. 
  • Move past the midday slump. When you or your hardworking scholar starts to run out of steam, try a quick sniff of Envision to spark feelings of creativity and resourcefulness.

Yes you can receive all of these beautiful aromatherapy blends for free with your 300 PV order on our Essential Rewards wellness program! Have everything you need delivered to your door and receive tons of perks too. So open your account today and join our oily family!


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May 13, 2019

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